Bull Statues and Horse Statues are hand carved in South America, Chile using a specific technique in order to deliver the best quality.

This technique is called “sculptures based ensemble” this process is leading and pioneering role in this type of work because it allows developing any kind of curved, and not limited by the size of this, that is, with this technique you can achieve an infinite number of patterns and magnitudes in the art of woodworking.

This product is the raw material pre-cordillerano wood poplar, which is composed of tables 2 “export compliant top chamber drying rates and parameters reaching 8%, which allows for better bonding to an adhesive Urea more-formaldehyde 1% catalyst, a high resistance to water and humidity, manufacturing and distribution company of chemicals Oxiquim highly confident in their role. Furthermore, this assembly is hand carved by a polyurethane coated acrylic sealer Italian origin with high performance and provides excellent conditions of verticality, delivering a superb finish. That together with acrylic lacquer or polyurethane varnish is made based on Pre-Catalyzed Nitrocellulose (paint timber in different percentage levels of brightness).


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