Visible Machine (Natural) 5.0


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Product Overview

Handmade Wrist Watch – Visible Machine (Natural) 5.0

  • Each of our watches are unique pieces, can vary its hue and grain according to the property of the wood with which it is manufactured.
  • Movement: Miyota Mod 2035.
  • The watches are assembled by hand by Mexican hands that care about each watch has the best quality.
  • They have a special varnish finish serving moisture waterproofing for everyday use.
  • Wood Pink Purple
  • Crystal: Mineral 1.5 mm
  • Size: 5.0 cm diameter
  • Strap: Genuine Leather
  • The strap is made with genuine leather handmade rescued may vary slightly hue and tone of the photo stitching.

All pieces include a certificate of authenticity and warranty of 90 days.

Quality materials | Moisture resistant wing Daily Use | NOT RECOMMEND INVOLVING extreme sports IMMERSE THE POSSIBILITY OF WATCH IN WATER