Sacha Lemon 62% Chocolate | Artisan Dark Chocolate by Kallari




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Product Overview

Artisan Dark Chocolate | Sacha Kallari Chocolate

Kallari started making their first bars in 2005, with Co-Founder Judy Logback, under the supervision of German Food Technician Stephen Hubbes and helpful staff of the Salinas de Guaranda artisanal chocolate workshop. We added a recipe from our close friend – the late Dr. Robert Steinberg, Co-Founder of Scharffenberger Chocolate Maker. Chocolatier Eric Gilbert from Canada taught scores more of Kallari cacao growers to make chocolate and provided expert advice to improve quality and efficiency. We began adding flavors with British savory technician Lynda Corcoran and assistant Lily Brislan with the Hot Chili & Wild Cinnamon bar in 2007.

As our rural villages sought that Kallari develop more income for other products from their farms, and demand grew for the Sacha bars, we expanded our line with Ginger in 2011 and various other flavors in 2012. For 2013 we have several more options we are researching.


Single Bar, 20-Pack