Barrel Aged Personalized Whiskey Barrel


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Product Overview

Handcrafted American White Oak Wood Barrel.
Each Barrel uses the wood’s natural sugars and takes the drinks you enjoy and makes them into the drinks you’ll love. Makes an excellent gift that keeps on giving for years!

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

  • Handcrafted American White Oak
  • Black Steel Hoops
  • Medium Charred Interior
  • Perfect to age your own Spirits, Whiskey, Beer, Rum, Tequila, Wine, Vinegar…or as Home Decoration
  • 90 Day Warranty | Guaranteed To Seal

These barrels are perfect for home use, or commercial applications. The heavy duty American oak wood is charred on the inside to perfection, slowly releasing the woods natural flavors and aromas into your beverage of choice, whether it be wine, whiskey, other spirits or even non-alcoholic such as seltzers and sodas. Put a smile on your face every time you see the craftsmanship and monogrammed lettering on your barrel.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Randy Miller
Both Barrels Leak

Very disappointed. Ordered a barrel in the recent past that was really nice. We had lots of compliments and friends requested two more barrels to be filled with our homemade wine. Unfortunately both barrels are leaking. Requested replacement barrels but was offered wax to seal. We never received the wax. Not happy we wasted our wine....and the gifts are a bust. In the past we ordered from Freedom Barrels but Sofiasfindings are cheaper.....:(

Randy Miller
Beautiful Barrel

We loved this so much, we are ordering two more!! Thank you!

kimberly pollina

The one barrel will not cure following the steps exactly but is still leaking a lot

Susan Calorio

Barrel Aged Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Patrick Bonnett
The barrel that won’t hold water 😵‍💫

I liked the ease of ordering,and customizing the graphics, and the quick delivery, however when I received the barrel and began the process of curing ,making the barrel watertight, I followed the directions to a tee filling, and refilling while wetting and making sure to wipe dry , the only problem is that day after day the barrel continues to leak like a sieve ,in fact on the 6th day it took nearly 2 quarts of water to refill when I checked it in the morning whereas in the instructions you claim that the curing may take from 2-5 days, so you may be correct in assuming that I am a bit more than aggravated after my day after day efforts are fruitless at a time when I thought I would be aging some bourbon .