Personalized Slanted Glass Wine Decanter

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Personalized Glass Carafe

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Slanted Glass Wine Decanter

  • Beautiful glass construction
  • Perfect for wine
  • Elegant design

The act of decanting wine serves many important purposes, and this glass wine decanter is as functional as it is eye-catching. It makes an attractive centerpiece for any wine tasting or dining room table. It also aerates your wine and helps remove unsightly wine sediment from your customer’s wine glass. With some older red wines, you may see some sediment settling at the bottom of the wine bottle. Simply pour the wine slowly and steadily from the bottle into the decanter, and stop pouring once you begin to see the sediment. This ensures every glass of wine will be clean and clear.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Top Diameter:2 3/4″
  • Bottom Diameter:4″
  • Maximum Diameter:8″
  • Height:10 1/4″
  • Capacity:26 oz.