American Oak Aging Barrel – Galvanized Hoops

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Handcrafted American White Oak Wood Barrel.

  • Our oak barrels comes with the stand, bung, spigot, and easy to follow instructions
  • Perfect to age your own spirits, whiskey, beer, rum, tequila, Wine…or as Home Decoration
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American Oak Aging Barrel | Galvanized Hoops

  • Handcrafted American White Oak
  • Black Steel Hoops
  • Medium Charred Interior
  • Age your own Spirits, Beer , Wine, Whiskey, Rum, Vinegar…
  • 90 Day Warranty | Guaranteed To Seal

When it comes to whiskey, wine and other fine spirits, the container it’s housed in can mean the difference between a full-flavored beverage, and a cheaper taste and texture from lower tiered beverages. This is why the charred wood oak barrel is preferred for not only preserving the freshness, but aging the liquor rapidly without degrading the quality. Within 4-6 weeks (longer for larger barrels), you will notice the difference in the bold flavor and smoothness coming from these wood oak barrels. They are wrapped in steel hoops to maintain the integrity and durability of the product.



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