Your Fruit Bowl Looks Elegant!

Be prepared to receive compliments on your brand new fruit bowl, the perfect centerpiece to any kitchen table or living space. It’s a convenient way to eat healthier while not sacrificing style. The visual appeal with attract your family and friends to eating more fruit and complimenting on your home decor. Sofias Findings provides only handmade artisan crafted fruit bowls, made from the highest quality materials.

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  • Fruit Bowl Centerpiece – Petal

    $44.95 4068
    Handcrafted by real artisans in Mexico, ...
  • Fruit Bowl Large Leaf

    $34.50 2100
    Perfectly designed with intricate curves and ...
  • Sisquero Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

    $49.95 4069
    Meticulously designed to add style to ...
  • Smooth Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

    $32.50 4087
    Striking and smooth to the touch, ...
  • Squared Sisquero Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

    $32.00 4070
    Surprise your guests with a beautiful ...
  • Trensa Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

    $44.95 4078
    Explore an authentic, handcrafted fruit bowl ...

Show all 6 Result