Upgrade Your Snacking Experience with a Luxury Chip & Dip Tray

Everyone loves snacks. Chips and dip go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they are often lack luster in visual appeal. As we know, we eat with our eyes first, then our other senses. If you have a crumpled up bag next to a sloppy bowl of dip chances are your guests, family and friends won’t partake in the meal-time festivities. Luckily Sofias Findings is here to provide luxury handmade chip and dip trays, perfect to help set the mood and get everyone laughing and talking rather than staring at a boring bag or plate.

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  • Chip and Dip “Antares” – Handmade

    $18.00 4106
    Simple, elegant, and handmade this beautiful ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – 4 Space Appetizer

    $39.95 CDT4S
    Serve your guests delicious appetizers in ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Cabbage Large Appetizer

    $29.95 2050
    Sophisticated and striking, this stylish and ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Crocodile Appetizer

    $16.00 2099
    Go wild with this beautiful Pewter ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Duo Appetizer

    $38.95 CDD
    Crafted from the finest Pewter available, ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Leafs Appetizer

    $29.95 CDTL
    Add design to your living space ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Rehilete Appetizer

    $32.00 CDTR
    Remarkably crafted and handmade in Mexico, ...
  • Chip and Dip Tray – Small Leaf Appetizer

    $17.00 2101
    This Pewter chip and dip tray ...
  • Leaf Serving Tray

    $78.00 TLST-01
    Sculpted from real cedar wood by ...
  • Salad Bowl & Dip

    $74.95 L-0141
    This uniquely designed and striking Pewter ...

Show all 11 Result