Bread Anyone?

Bread is an important part of any meal, but is usually an after-thought when it comes to ambiance and presentation. By now, we know we all eat with our eyes first, then our taste and smell. With an upscale, handmade baguette tray from Sofias Findings you’ll serve bread confidently, and your family, friends and guests will all comment on how your amazing decor helps compliment the meal.

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  • Africa Serving Tray

    $29.95 4219
    This stunning Pewter Baguette Tray is ...
  • Baguette Tray – Peacock

    $34.95 4828
    Make way for a gorgeous keepsake ...
  • Baguette Tray – Petatillo

    $37.95 4225
    Fashioned after weaving baskets of bygone ...
  • Baguette Tray – Rocky

    $37.95 4218
    Dimpled, rocky, and ethnic, this gorgeous ...
  • Grapes Service Tray

    $44.95 SF4217
    This stunning Pewter Baguette Tray is ...
  • Peruvian Tray

    $98.95 WT-01
    Item Information Authentic and crafted from real ...
  • Serving Tray | Baguette – Pearls

    $29.95 4206
    This stunning Pewter Baguette tray was ...

Show all 8 Result