Hold Your Wine Bottle in Style

Imagine enjoying wine even more than you already do! Think about it… You take the time to pick out your favorite wine, and pair it to go with your evening meal, or just time to relax in the comfort of your home. Why settle for a boring, dull wine bottle holder, when you can explore Sofias Findings for handmade artisans? Unique craftsmanship and art cater to multiple styles, based on your personal preferences. Whether old fashioned, rustic, or modern contemporary, you will love the selection, attention to detail, quality and affordability.

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    • 9 Bottle Counter top Wine Rack

      $89.95 BR9
    • Countertop Wine Rack

      $59.00 SF283975
    • Don Quixote Mill Wine Bottle Holder

      $55.00 BHDQM-01
      Allow from 2 - 4 weeks ...
    • Double Infinity Wine Bottle Holder

      $34.00 SF285409
    • Golf Stick Wine Bottle Holder

      $39.00 SF5644
    • Infinity Wine Bottle Holder

      $19.00 SF285406
    • Infinity Wine Bucket

      $39.00 SF285262
    • Personalized Wine Bottle Holder – Guitar

      $49.95 BHG-01
    • Personalized Wine Box – Free Style

      $49.95 XH1017-2
    • Personalized Wine Box – Premium Design

      $49.95 XH1017-3
    • Personalized Wine Box – Vintage Design

      $49.95 XH1017-1
    • save offRustic Wine Box

      $88.00 $69.95 WB-03
    • save offRustic Wine Box – Horizontal

      $68.00 $64.95 WB-02
    • save offRustic Wine Box – Shots Glass

      $119.98 $99.98 WB-04
    • Spiral Wine Bottle Holder

      $19.00 SF285412

    Showing 1–15 of 22 Result