Pour One Out: Planning the Perfect Wine Night

Wine Night

Go ahead and fire up the group chat and grab some wine for a fun night with friends! Going out can be expensive and exhausting (especially on a work night), so a relaxing night with friends sounds like the perfect alternative. Personalize the experience with unique and customized wine glassware and accessories

The charcuterie board is displayed perfectly, your favorite trash tv is in the queue, and your friends are on the way. Another wine night to catch up on life and enjoy your favorite varietal. You’ve got a variety of red and whites, but also make sure you have the right glassware for friends to choose from. Every wine lover has a glass preference — whether it’s a classic tall stem glass to cradle, a stemless glass for your more clumsy friends, or something with a cute design. At Sofia’s Findings, you can find the perfect glass for every type of wine-o. 

Long Stem


Wine Glass Sets

Wine Accessories that Wow

A uniquely designed wine rack is an efficient, and attractive way of displaying all of your bottles of wine! No more rummaging through the cabinets to find the right label. A lovely wine rack lets you have your reds, whites, and blends ready for the picking.

Wine On-The-Go

Not hosting wine night this time around? Transport your favorite bottle of wine safely to crack open at your friend’s house. A personalized wine box or bag will do the trick! Keep the glass bottle safe and your car from any spills. A bottle of wine is also a perfect gesture when going over to someone’s house for dinner or another occasion.

No matter where wine night is located or what wine is being enjoyed, time spent with friends is the best part of all. Shop our collection of unique and personalized wine glassware for every occasion and get planning your next wine night!

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