Oak Aging Spirits | New Year, New Hobby

Oak Aging Barrels - New Hobby for the New Year

Wow! Another year is almost over and we’re all thinking about the resolutions we want to make for 2022. You’ve done the weight loss resolution, eating better, making more friends, so you need to find something new. It’s the perfect time to start a new hobby!

Have you considered starting a home distillery? We know, it sounds like a lot but it’s actually fairly simple. With Sofia’s Oak Aging Barrels, you’ll be up and running within a week! Each oak aging barrel is handmade by skilled craftsmen, and come in different styles and sizes.

No, this is not just for whiskey drinkers! That’s a common misconception. Oak age your favorite liquor from rum, beer, wine, and whiskey! Or, you can enhance the flavor of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Not only is it a way to make time at home more fulfilling, but it’s a great conversation starter for friends and family.

How Do These Barrels Work?

Oak Aging Barrels

Each barrel from Sofia’s Findings is charred on the inside to perfection, slowly releasing the wood’s natural flavors and aromas into your beverage of choice, whether it be wine, whiskey, other spirits or even non-alcoholic such as seltzers and sodas.

Before you can use the barrels, there are instructions on how to make sure it’s prepped and has no leaks! See below for our step by step guide on setting up your barrel at home.

How to Get Started

First, finding a space for your new hobby is important, especially for a home distillery. It doesn’t take much, most people use a small space in their basement or garage. It all depends on the size of the barrel you have. Oak aging barrels at Sofia’s Findings range from 1 liter to 20 liters.

Once you’ve found a functional space for your barrel, it’s time for barrel care!

Barrel Care Instructions:

  1. As soon as you get your oak barrel, fill it up with water.
  2. Rinse the oak barrel with water on the outside for about 1-2 minutes, and then dry (outside only) it out with a towel or a paper towel.
  3. Leave the oak barrel with water inside for up to 2-5 days until the barrel has seal completely. (The barrel will have leaks, but will disappear).
  4. Once you make sure there are no leaks, exchange the water for hot water and leave it for 1 more day (wood chips may come out of the barrel).
  5. Fill it up with your favorite liquor, otherwise leave it with water (water mixed with a little bit of alcohol), and change the water once every two weeks.

*The barrel must always contain liquid to maintain its structural integrity. *Repeat step #2 once a month.

*Repeat step #2, from 2-3 times a day until the barrel seals completely (more times better).

Now that you’ve got the instructions and hopefully an idea of what beverage you’d like to age, it’s time to pick your barrel!

Why Customers Love Our Barrels

Order now and get your home distillery up and running in the new year! Personalize your barrel with a family name, company logo, or other special message to make it truly your own. We can’t wait to hear about the delicious drinks you create and wish you a happy new year!