How to: Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Boss

Personalized Gifts For The Office

We have all seen those corporate gifts that lack a personal touch. At Sofia’s Findings, we like to make sure that our gifts are as personalized as possible. If you are looking for a gift for your boss, colleague, or just wondering what is an appropriate gift in a corporate / office setting, we can help.

First start by coming up with broad gift ideas. Does your boss enjoy useful office items or would a practical gift for use outside the office be more appropriate? From there, it becomes much easier to select the perfect gift. For the office, a personalized pen is always a considerate gift. You can even pair that with a customized business notepad or portfolio. These types of personalized gifts are great for the office. They are more useful than a card or desk ornament, and the personalization lets the recipient know you put some thought into your gift. 

If your boss would prefer a gift for use outside the office, there are plenty of options! While we recommend personalizing any gift you purchase from Sofia’s, the gift itself should be something thoughtful and high quality. Some helpful questions to ask yourself in narrowing the field of gift ideas are:

  • What are your boss’s personal hobbies?
  • Does your boss enjoy alcohol or cigars?
  • Does your boss like to cook?
  • How often does your boss host events?

From here, you should have a small list of gift ideas already started in your mind. The next step is piecing together these interests with your personal connection. There’s nothing more awkward than a generic bottle opener for someone who doesn’t drink, or a watch for someone who already has several. This is where your relationship adds a truly unique touch. Here are some examples of gift ideas we love!

  • If your office has staff parties and cookouts: A personalized BBQ set at the office is a great idea.
  • Perhaps you and your boss take meetings on the golf course: A custom humidor would complement the next round nicely.
  • If your boss doesn’t drink or smoke and enjoys staying mentally sharp: A customized game set would be the perfect for any game night.
  • For the boss that entertains: A nice bottle of wine presented at the next hosted event would look great in a customized wine rack.

These are just a few examples of how you can take a gift to the next level. We can add a personal message to any gift, but it’s up to you to pick a unique, useful, and fun gift first. Instead of rushing to the mall at the last minute to pick out your next gift, take some time and browse our high-quality, customizable gift ideas. You can find all the ideas mentioned in this article in our online store, along with many other great, unique, personalized gift ideas. Shop online today at Sofia’s Finding!