Embroidery FAQ

Custom embroidery services allow you to have high quality looking personalized apparel. For that reason, many people looking for on-demand clothing designs are interested in this technology.


This high interest means we receive many questions about the specifics of the process. And so we put together answers for some of the most common questions we get about our custom embroidery apparel.

What Is Embroidery?

The simplest answer is this: embroidery uses a needle and thread to add designs to fabric.


Once you’ve had an embroidered design pointed out to you, they become easy to spot. They are especially popular for logos on polo shirts and designs on baseball caps. 


Their three-dimensional feel gives them strong presence and visibility, and because the custom design is in thread, it has an added weight and impressive quality.

How Do You Do Large Scale Embroidery?

When you place an order for customizable apparel through Sofia’s Findings, we put your design into our state-of-the-art software. This tells our embroidery machine how to sew whatever your design may be — like your company logo or team mascot.


These innovations have made custom embroidery much more affordable and accessible to a wide range of people.


This automation is also why embroidery’s turnaround time is much shorter today than ever before. Now, you can get an order of custom embroidered polo shirts in a matter of weeks.

What Makes Embroidery Better?

The best way to make custom apparel depends on the material and use of the item. But embroidery is particular beloved for its:


      Durability: Embroidery is great on items that will take a beating, like backpacks and hats. Because it is sewn directly into the fabric, it is unlikely to chip or fade. It also holds up much better over years of wash cycles.

      Prestige: Embroidery looks much more professional and authentic than other forms of custom printing. This can make it the right choice when you want to look sharp, though less appealing when going for casual appeal.

      Comfort: Unlike the hard, plastic feel of vinyl, embroidered designs do not make clothing less comfortable.

What Should an Embroidered Design Look Like?

Because it uses needle and thread, not all custom designs are suitable for embroidery. In particular, highly detailed images can become confusing. Also, small wording can be difficult to read.


Simple and large format designs are best for custom embroidery. When you think of the classic designs for polo shirt logos, you start to have an idea for what works.

Custom Embroidered Clothing From Sofia’s Findings

Are you interested in getting your clothing personalized with embroidery? Check out the custom apparel section of our store. There, you can find all kinds of items to embroider, including polo shirtshatsworkwearaprons, and much more!