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Decorating your home can be a difficult task, but keeping it fresh with new decor and modern trends is downright exhausting. That’s why Sofia’s Findings works to provide a carefully curated collection of handmade artisan goods. Plus, personalize a piece of art to fit any style home. With a variety of options, every house can have that “WOW” factor that makes it a home. 

What Decor Best Fits Your Space?

Mayan Art Collection

Mayan Mask - Artisan Carving

Every piece in our Mayan Art Collection is handmade in Mexico by Maya artisans who create time-honored traditional masks and flawless sculptures and carvings. Hand-carved with acacia wood, Sofia’s Findings Mayan masks are a timeless and unique focal point for any home. Bring inspiration from Maya culture into your home with quality craftsmanship and bold designs.

Acrylic Prints

Whether you’re decorating your home, an office, or any other space, acrylic prints are the perfect solution for any location. With our premium polished acrylic and the combination of super-vivid prints, professional-quality materials, and detailed visuals, any photo will look stunning! 

Sofia’s Findings collection of acrylic prints includes a variety of beautiful wall art including floral designs, landscape graphics, and other pieces to tie together any space.

Looking for a more personalized feel? Upload your own favorite family portrait, that adorable picture of your dog, or any other captured memory and have it printed as a beautiful acrylic piece. Hang it up on any wall and be reminded every day of the cherished memories that were created.

Oak Aging Barrels & Barrel Decor

Oak Aging Barrel Decor

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, oak aging barrels at Sofia’s Findings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and make the perfect rustic decor piece or addition to a home bar. Best of all, our oak aging barrels can be customized with a family name or other message to create a truly personalized decor piece. Oak aging barrels can then be filled with wine, rum, whiskey, or a non-alcoholic beverage to enhance the flavor. Then you can sit back, sip, and enjoy a tasty experience as well as the compliments you’ll receive from these handmade pieces.

More Goods for the Home

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